Numerology Basics


Numerology is one of the oldest ways to study numbers. Yet, since it is practiced in different parts of the world, there are various approaches used to calculate numbers, and each strategy may vary depending on the tradition of the person who is practicing the method.

The fundamentals of numerology is not special as most of you think, but it is the best way for you to determine on how things work with numerology and how numerologists arrive on their calculations.

Background About Numerology

The whole concept of numerology started when Pythagoras, the father of geometry, connect everything to numbers. He even stated that each person has its own specific personality and unique vibration. Pythagoras is also the one who divided the soul of human to nine types, and these numbers are still used in the modern society.

Numerology is concerned on nothing but numbers. It mainly concentrates on the numbers 1 to 9 in which some numbers is reduced. In numerology, zero is not considered as a number. It adds nothing to any digits. The number 10 exists as number one’s composite.

The best thing about numerology is that anyone can be a numerologist. The only thing you need is a paper, pen, and some calculations. Numerology, when compared to some divination methods, constantly moves and uses the magnetic energy of the earth. Since the soul is just one of the parts of the universe, the numbers are symbols which would help you translate the world around you.

Each person has several numbers which can work as codes. If these numbers were deciphered, you will learn about destiny, karma, spiritual, emotional, and personality influences.

You will even discover why there are people who get on your nerves and how you can figure it out.

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