Seek Your True Self And Find Your What Really Motivates You


Most probably the hardest thing that a person could achieve is finding out who he really is. Itís not some literal question but rather who are you going to follow and who are you going to become? A lot of people look up to others as their role models, their inspiration, and their mentors. Itís fine to have this these people around you. However, itís also nice to build your own character rather than growing in the images of others. Try to remember how the famous people in history became who they were remembered. They never had to follow any people before them nor were they forced to become what they are not. Becoming and living your life as who you are is one great thing to look forward to.

Why Is It Important To Seek My True Self?

Itís more like searching for the next puzzle piece. Itís a part of building the big picture that lies ahead of your life. As early as now, take a good look at yourself and ask, ìWho am I and what will I become?î and when you find the answer to that, the rest is just following the right path. Understanding your dreams and desires will help you establish a set of goals that will eventually lead to fulfilling that task of become that greater person that you want to be.

Act Your Character: Be Who You Want To Be

The world wouldnít have been the same if the most influential people who ever existed never had the guts to act out on their own will and carve a name and a brand for themselves. Uplift your spirits not only by merely trying to think of who you are going to be but rather do it for the sake of your dreams and future. Nobody holds your own life but you. The life we live cannot be defined with anyone else nor can they withhold the person you are to be once you act it out. The hardest point in achieving this is the very beginning. The first step is always the hardest but the second and third is relatively easy. Always bear in mind, how you act is who you become. If you decide to act as a winner, youíll definitely be a winner. If not today, maybe tomorrow, or the day after that. Although itís yet uncertain but you will definitely get there once you learn to act your character.

What the heck is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a philosophy, with origins in Japan, which is oriented at taking incremental steps towards improving business processes, products, and quality. It can be defined as a continuous effort by all employees of the organization to ensure continuous improvement of all the processes and systems in the organization. It thus also helps in eliminating waste from the organization. It can also be applied to processes, such as purchasing and logistics, which cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain.
Kaizen process aims at continuous improvement of processes and quality not only in the manufacturing sector but in other departments as well. In today’s world, Kaizen has been applied in different fields like, healthcare, government, finance, software and several other industries.

How is Kaizen implemented?
Kaizen activities are usually implemented by using the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. This ensures that there is always an on-going cycle in action to monitor changes and continue to improve upon them.
Plan – Define the problem and develop potential solutions. The required objectives and processes are set and information is gathered which is needed to get the expected output.
Do – Implement the plan and execute the set processes. Collect data, if any, to be used in the subsequent phases.
Check – Evaluate results to see if the solution satisfied the expected outcomes. Search for any deviations in implementations from the plan. Convert the data obtained into information.
Act – Based on the information, if things are going well as per the plan, then take measures to stabilize the changes or otherwise, repeat the PDCA cycle if there are still some unresolved issues.

How does Kaizen work?
Kaizen works by reducing waste (muda) and eliminating work processes that are overly difficult (muri). It succeeds when employees at all the levels of the organization hierarchy look for scope for improvements and provide their suggestions and feedback based on their experience and observations. Generally, these suggestions are about small changes that can be made to existing business processes that can give positive results to the business over a long period of time. For this to work, it is important that it is made clear that any kinds of suggestions from anyone are welcome and there would be no negative impacts on participation. Instead, the employees will be rewarded for participation in the day to day activities.

Kaizen’s five primary elements

Kaizen is founded upon five primary elements:

Quality Circles: A quality circle is a group of people who work on the same or similar project, who meet on a regular basis to identify, analyse and solve work-related issues, if any.

Improved Morale: It is an important step in achieving long term efficiency and productivity.

Teamwork: Kaizen strives to help employees think that all are part of a team and need to put in collective efforts in order to succeed.

Personal Discipline: A commitment to personal discipline by each employee ensures that the team will remain strong.

Suggestions for Improvement: Gathering feedback from all the employees ensures that all problems are addressed before they become significantly huge.

Turn Back Time: 7 Anti-Aging Secrets To Instantly Boost Your Brain Power

How fit is your brain? Is it flabby or flat-out fabulous?

If your recall or memory isn’t what it used to be or you sometimes feel fuzzy and unfocused, you may need to take your brain to the neural gym.

Emerging evidence proves you can boost your brain power WITHOUT spending hours and hours studying – no matter how old or young you are!

Getting Smarter With Age: Why You Don’t Have To Age Gracefully

For years, you’ve been told that aging is responsible for a decrease in your brain’s health and fitness.

Recent studies, however, show you can finally fight back against the aging process. You can take control of your brain and – literally – turn back the hands of time.

Best of all, today’s top cognitive specialists claim you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see a big difference … and fast.

All you need to do is try one (or more) of the tips below to improve your mental powers!

Could Boosting Your Brain Power Really Be This Easy?

If you want to pump up the health of your brain, try one of the following everyday tips, tactics, and techniques:

1. Switch it up! Break Up Your Routine. Try taking a different route to work, eating lunch in a different spot, or reading a book as opposed to watching TV.

Anything that interrupts your habits asks your brain to make new and different connections and associations can help stimulate the production of neurotrophins, an important protein responsible for superior brain health.

2. Have Fun. Play Games! Research shows that games that require planning ahead, including games of strategy like chess, activate and “strengthen” your frontal lobe which leads to greater decisiveness, clarity, and focus.

Other great games include checkers, tic-tac-toe, solitaire, and card games like poker and blackjack.

3. Se Habla Español? Learn a language. Always wanted to learn a new language? Great news! Learning a new language requires a number of areas of your brain to all “cooperate” – making powerful connections all across your neural network.

4. Are You The Next Picasso? Get Painting! Whether it’s doodling on the back of an envelope or painting the next masterpiece, it’s time to release your inner artist.

Activities like drawing and painting stimulate numerous regions of your brain – helping to boost creativity, memory, and recall.

5. Get Off The Couch! Walk, Run, or Soar! Physical exercise of any kind helps promote neurogenesis as well as stimulates the production of neurotrophins.

So, it doesn’t matter what you do: Just get up and do something! Of course, before starting any new exercise routine, be sure to get your doctor’s approval first.

6. Read. Yep, studies show that daily reading all by itself can help sharpen your memory, enhance your critical thinking skills, and improve your ability to focus.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter what you read – just do it!

7. Strengthen Your Brain with Cognitive Training. There are a number of excellent brain training resources online today

Be sure to look for science-based programs that show proof that they actually work. Sites like the Raikov Effect are a solid place to start for more information on improving brain health and function.

But, be careful: Some of the “big name” programs may look good, but lack evidence-based support to justify their claims.

Brain training is more accessible than ever before.

As you’ve seen here, it doesn’t take weeks, months or years to boost your brain power.

All it takes is a commitment to be the best you possible.

3 Tips to Staying Motivated At Work

3 Tips For Staying Motivated At Work


There are days that work at the office can be such a drag that by the moment you go out the office door youíd feel like youíve already spent every ounce of your energy. This normally happens to anyone, especially when thereís a lot of deadlines to beat, your boss breathing down your neck, and a ton of paperwork. Anyway, you should not be discouraged with these things. This is quite normal so donít worry. Work’s basically works, so this normally happens almost every day. However, the difference comes on how you look at things. If you look at it closer, those employees at the bottom of the pecking order normally see work as just work. On the other hand, the CEOís and other higher-ups are somewhat visionaries that see a different side of things which make them the leaders of a company. Earn your way up the food chain by motivating yourself to do better at work. Here are a couple of tips to check out and hopefully motivate yourself:

Imagine Your Accomplishments

Probably the best way to get yourself motivated with work is to think about that sweet moment when youíve finished each task assigned to you. Itís very delightful feeling that you have accomplished everything and all the burden and stress on your mind just disappears into thin air. Thinking of that feeling of finishing your tasks will surely enlighten your mood. No matter how boring or tough the task may be, knowing that thereís some enlightenment waiting for you at the finish line makes you feel energized, determined, and motivated.

Scare Yourself A Bit

Yes, you read it right. Scaring yourself a bit need not be looking at out of this world zombie apocalypse type of scare but rather more realistic approaches like monetary concerns. Imagine yourself in a tight situation where bills pile up and your pay isnít due within the next fortnight. A little scare can be a good source of motivation. Thinking of the consequences can push people beyond their limits. You could harness this feeling even if thereís no real monetary concern of any sort. Itís like creating a hypothetical problem that can scare you to work better in the real world. Itís purely psychological but the results are quite real and their good too.

Have That Stuck Feeling

Have you ever imagined yourself glued to your chair? Try this one out and imagine yourself being held down, your back glued to your chair, your feet nailed to the floor, and your only option to escape is to finish your tasks and finish them well. Itís a little too much for some but there are just some people who need a little extra motivation than others.

Manifestation Masterkey

Hey there,

Toay I’m talking about a program that I persoanlly came across.

It’s called the Manifestation Master Key

What Is The Program About?

Maybe you read books, listened to speakers, or invested in training programs about the law of attraction.

Manifestation Masterkey is however, based on the law of attraction only partially. This course is mainly based on teachings of ancient spiritual masters and the Neuro Linguistic Programming. These methods draw heavily on knowledge of human soul, especially Subconscious Mind.

Manifestation Masterkey also delves deeply to the subject of the Names of Power. Glenn Bolton, author of this course was studying this subject with devoted Israeli masters and his knowledge of ancient mathematic calculations (Gematria, Temurah and Notariqon) out which the Angelic and God Names come from are indeed deep, to say the least.

Manifestation Masterkey is a complete system for men and women addressing issues of money, success, recovery, vitality and energy as well as love and relationships.

The material is easy to follow and simple in execution, providing enough background for complete understanding of the system. Some of the concepts in these books we until now, hidden in ancient manuscripts written either in Aramaic or in Hebrew.

What surprised me is the fact that many of the teachings resemble those that were taught by Jesus and Moses in the Old and New Testament.

The Creator/Author

Manifestation Masterkey is a comprehensive course written in easy to understand language accompanied with several videos that make the system even more accessible for anyone who decides to use it.

Glenn Bolton (age 47) is an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker who owns successful home supply brand that he established 6 years ago. He ascribes all his success to Manifestation Masterkey Methods that he learned in sacred Israeli city of Safed. Until now, he hand-picked his students that were recommended to him by his friends and pupils. It is worth to mention that Glenn credits two organizations for helping him create this amazing system.

Get this course if you want to:
– Live in Abundance and wealth
– Increase your recovery rate and energy levels
– Switch back to joy and happiness
– Find your true purpose in life
– Know how the Universe can work for you
– Understand how the Power of Abundance works

And if you don’t want to:

– Live in constant debt
– Live in separation and imbalance
– Experience career problems
– Live without Love

What is Inside the Course

There are two so-called ‘Master Keys’ in this program. The first Masterkey works independently of the second, however you can intensify results when you use both in conjunction. You’ll learn how to attract anything you’ve ever wished for. Once you set this system in motion, it works automatically for you, on your behalf.

How easy it is to apply Manifestation Masterkey Principles?

It’s easy. Glenn created this course especially because he saw a lot of theoretical books that were missing the point when it came to practical application. Indeed, when you read Glenn’s material you will quickly understand all spiritual systems and concepts while also being able to discern what is true and what’s not.

What does the Manifestation Miracle Course include?

Manifestation Masterkey was written for real life application, so it does not contain any fluff. Main book contains all necessary principles and concepts, so you can understand and work the system with maximum effect. Glenn then jumps right into practical application.

Manifestation Masterkey includes:

The Abundance Code – The Core Book of Manifestation
Names of Power Related to Vitality and Recovery – Instruction Video
Names of Power related to Wealth and Success – Instruction Video

Special Bonuses….Get Exclusive Bonuses….All Free:

Vitality Breathing for Seniors

This book explains how to draw and direct powerful currents of energy into any body part to achieve recovery and fresh lasting energy.

How to Lose Weight Without Diet and Exercise
Glenn has done incredible job explaining how it’s possible to lose weight without really trying and without the yo-yo effect. Indeed, I lost 15 pounds myself by using this remarkable ‘diet-less’ method.

Authentic Biblical Method for Protecting Women
During Pregnancy

This clearly is a ‘holy scripture’ method that must have been around for centuries. Only old translations of ancient scriptures contain such techniques and I can only acknowledge this is the way invocations were performed centuries ago. These techniques are said to be extremely effective to ease birth and protect infants.

Effective Invocation for Protecting Your Children

This simple and easy to follow technique comes from biblical times and you will get simple instructions how to make sure your children are safe when you’re not with them.

How to Attract Love of a Specific Person

There are several love-attracting techniques in this course, however this invocation is different. Whereas other techniques ‘let the Universe decide’ the best partner for you, this method lets you decide who that person should be. Personally, I would let the Universe decide my partner but if you want to try it the other way, you have the tool right here.

How to Receive Inspiration and Answers in a Deep Sleep

This extremely easy trick is called Dream Questioning by the ancient sages. It’s best for those who need answers on any topic they can possible imagine. I highly recommend you use this simple ‘dream hack’ several times and see for yourself.

Achieve Personal Growth Using These Tips

Personal growth is valuable to living a happy life. Learning new skills, enhancing your current abilities and achieving goals will help make your lifelong dreams come true. Follow these simple tips and enjoy all your new personal growth and development.

Develop Growth Goals

Anyone can achieve personal growth even if they don’t know what type of growth they want, but knowing what kind of growth you want helps direct the changes in your life. You could learn a whole slew of new skills,.

But what value do they have if you never plan on, or even want to use them?

Instead of wasting your time enhancing your life in ways that don’t matter, sit down and figure out how to make the changes that are important to you.

Make a detailed list of different goals you want to achieve, and single out the most important to you to get started on. Focus on this goal as much as possible until you are closer to achieving what you want.

Choose the Simple Path to Success

Now that you know what you want to achieve it’s time for you figure out what your most effective path to success is. Whether you want to learn a new skill such as computer programming, or you would like to become a more outgoing person you can do these things by writing down a list of simple steps to help you go from start to finish. Make them simple and research steps that experts explain work whether you want to take them or not. It’s easy to adjust steps to remain in your comfort level, but that’s a dangerous habit that will only hinder your personal growth and development.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

There is no way to achieve your full potential and make real gains in personal growth without being willing to go outside your current comfort zone. Your comfort level is dictated by all the things that you are familiar with. If you’re familiar with an activity it’s not going to help you achieve growth. Let’s take for example a person who wants to become more outgoing. Talking with friends and family might sound like a way to improve how outgoing you are, but if you are comfortable doing this it’s not going to do any good. Instead it makes sense to strike up conversations with complete strangers and ask them personal questions you would never normally ask. This will achieve more effective gains in less time, and the same can be said for other goals. The person who wants to learn a new language will grow faster by talking with natives of the language than they would by reading a book or watching an instructional video.

Be willing to work hard for your goals, and you’ll find that you achieve personal growth more effectively than you thought you could. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable, and once you start getting nervous you know you’re moving toward new growth levels.